Gas / Electric Vehicle Cost Comparison

Compare your gasoline car to my 1959 Henny, or enter the values of your own EV.
Miles Driven Per Year
Gasser Costs
Gasoline Cost per Gallon
Miles per Gallon of Gasser
Cost of Oil Change
Frequency of Oil Change (miles)
Inspection Cost (per Year)
Yearly Misc. Costs (radiator fluid, etc)
Engine Lifetime (Miles)
Cost of New Engine

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Electric Costs
Cost per KW/H of Electricity
Watt HR/Mile of Electric
Charger Efficiency
Battery Efficiency
Inspection Cost (per Year)
Yearly Misc. Costs (Destilled water, etc)
Battery Pack Replacement Cost
Battery Pack Lifetime (Years)
Motor Lifetime (Miles)
Cost of New Motor
Controller Lifetime (Miles)
Controller Cost
Charger Lifetime (Miles)
Charger Cost
Gas Calculations
Gas Used Per Year (Gallons)333.33
Gas Cost Per Year$766.67
Oil Cost Per Year$66.67
All Other Costs Per Year$138.00
Total Costs Per Year$971.33
Operating Costs per Mile$0.121
Electric Calculations
KW/Hr Used per Year (Efficiency Adjusted)3321.80
Cost per Year for Electricty$265.74
Total Other Cost Per Year $58.00
Battery Replacement Amortized per Year$150.00
Total Cost per Year$473.74
Operating Cost per Mile$0.059
 Winner!! 51.23% Cheaper.
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